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iPod sucks


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iPod [still] sucks
Even the Mini iPods Suck
i enjoy sticking iPods up into my anal cavity ok
astasgasg Ipod rocks.
Carlo so does Cal.
iLearned iPod was the biggest piece of shit I have ever ownened. That bitch wouldn't work and now, one day later, I have to return it.

Fuck Apple. No wonder they couldn't compete. They produce junk and wonder why no one wants to buy it.

Remember the MAC? Talk about a piece of shit on wheels. I knew when I bought this piece of crap that it was a mistake, but then I thought, 40 GB, and it will support Audible book files. What a HUGE MISTAKE. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER buy Apple products. They have never been great. Never will be great. And cause nothing but regret.

Talk about 2 tons of shit in a one ton bag.

uMoron Go get a clue, your ignorance is only seconded by your idiocy!
Slayer Fuck you Apple FAG!
dan have to agree. the ipod sucks. nice idea but poor execution. i had a 30gb ipod that is now a paper weight, one year later the battery is shot and the drive is having weird problems. apple says they'll charge me the price of a new ipod to fix it so it's not worth the repair. time to look at the competition.
yes fuck apple and the pieces of shit that they make
ipodhater I don't care what anybody says! FUCK THA IPOD!!!
Meghan the dell dj is a ten times better mp3 player. thats all an ipod is anyway .. a very well advertised mps player. everyone has one too! its super annoying. they are really expensive, break really easily, and are only popular because of their look. I bought the Dell dj and let me tell you .. its cheaper, easier, never breaks, and is the best mp3 player ive seen in a long time. i advise you to get one, its even one of Oprah;s favorite x-mas gifts of the year. i have to say... the Apple Ipod is truly a mistake to buy... for 300 bucks. what a waste
Dell DJ lover I totally agree with you meghan. i bought the dell dj 20 , it's for $299, has 20 gb and can hold up to 9,900 songs ... and unlike the ipod peice of shit, it actually works and never breaks down. it has a TEN TIMES BETTER battery and is so much cooler looking too. I have to agree .. Im asking for the Dell Dj for $199 this christmas too from my girlfriend. (dont worry shes rich) because I just want to see the difference. either one i think is a great thing to buy for the holidays and is a great gift to ask for. you should REALLLLYYY buy it. i love it ..... FUCK APPLE it sucks ass..

from dell dj <3er
me nice to hear some voices on my side for once, ipods def blow.
Ipods Blow Sorry Carlo, Cal licks dong, and so do Ipods.
Lil' Jon Damn, the only good thing about an iPod is that it gave me a great blowjob. But yeah, it's a flaming piece of shit.
BuggyApple The apple sign says it all - I will be buggy. I would like to meet one person who hasn't had a problem with ipod!

Are you out there?

Yousko i got a hold of a huge ipod box display for scrap cardboard and also to show a true side of the corporate mp3 players im looking for creative ideas to add to this ipod adbust anyone got a suggestion on what to say about this product?
i Riv I POD SUCKS i agree that the dj is goog to but the iriver ihp-120 or140 i awesome too they have 20 and40gb plus a voice recorder and a radio. I have one its awesome. Dont buy directly from them because it pricy go to amozon or something I POD BLOWS
Andy Ipod blows it I bought a Creative Zen Extra (40gb) for one hundred bucks less then the ipod model. I hear they break easily, plus they automatically sunc with someone else's pc. Just because you see them in some half assed rap video doesn't mean its cool.
Phil Argue all you want but the IPod still owns 92% of the hard drive music player industry. Numbers do not lie. I guess they suck so much that everybody is buying them!
Andy What does that say about 92% of hd music buyers. Iguess it says that they are retarded
you idiot LOL, you fucking idiot, ofcourse they own 92% of the market. They started the damn market. Anyone that wanted a hard drive based mp3 player when the market first open HAD to buy an IPOD you moron. But that'll change soon. The number has been dropping consistently. You sound like your one of those mac fanatics who only supports IPOD cause its made by Apple. So let me hit you with some REAL numbers. Its been quite a many years that PC's and Macs have been around. That means people have had adequate time to choose what they want. And yea, you guessed it, PC'S run 95% of the market since the very begining until now and probably forever. Eat that.
Chelsea Ohhhh god. I'm getting an Ipod for Christmas; should I be really concerned about this?
Kyle Ross I wish i knew the faggot owner of a Ipod. An ipod is the biggest piece of shit. I will rather get a real piece of shit then that ipod.
They make look all pretty then you have it for a while and the fucker brakes like a PIECE OF SHIT! Listen to me apple is probaly the most fucked up brand I know. I will definatley get a nomad and a dell Dg because there fair.
Andy Definately get the nomad or Dell Dj. Both are pretty solid players. But like any electronic product, they are not without fault. Dell offers reliability with so so quality. But creative is the number one maker of sound cards and speakers for pc's. Either way youll get a great deal for less money than an ipod
Andy Chelsea, worry alot or return the rat bastard
Mac Lovin Fag Yea you stupid bitches... Apple did NOT start the market they just took it over. Numbers dont lie you stupid fuckheads. Yea... PC's own 93% of the market, but that's okay cause you will soon be using Linux. Why? Because Microsoft SUCKS ass and the FOLLOW Apple. I've had 3 iPods. The 1st Gen, 3rd Gen and now a 40GB iPod Photo. You are the dumbest fuckin group of bitches in the world. Don't go hate because you cant afford a iPod you poor trailor park jackass. Fuck you and Fuck Your PC's and Dells!
amber I agree with the fag. the ipod really does kick ass
juan I just got an iPod and was excited as hell to get all my songs on it and start rockin out. I hook it up and whats this? A little folder with an exclamation! So I go to apples website and read up on how to fix it and NOTHING they say works. I tried to reset it, update it, format it, etc, etc. Did any of it work? Fuck no. This fucking sucks. I'm thinking of getting an iRiver player instead. What a fucking disappointment.
Kyle Ross Mac lovin fag is an asshole and hes should fuck himself
Kyle Ross I totally agree with andy.
Kyle Ross 12/24/2004 10:35 PM Mac Lovin Fag
Yea you stupid bitches... Apple did NOT start the market they just took it over. Numbers dont lie you stupid fuckheads. Yea... PC's own 93% of the market, but that's okay cause you will soon be using Linux. Why? Because Microsoft SUCKS ass and the FOLLOW Apple. I've had 3 iPods. The 1st Gen, 3rd Gen and now a 40GB iPod Photo. You are the dumbest fuckin group of bitches in the world. Don't go hate because you cant afford a iPod you poor trailor park jackass. Fuck you and Fuck Your PC's and Dells
Kyle Ross sup
Kyle Ross nomads rock and ipods suck shit they are the biggest shit heads. Ive been trying to work this bitch now im gonna fuck up the hardrive.FUCK APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fag sons of bitches You are damn gay u fuckn dirt cheap redneck white trash motherfuckers. u cant afford the shit so ur being fuckn gay about it..who gives a shit about a damn ipod i have `1 and its cool...and if the son of a bitch breaks, i will buy another 1. so go to hell u faggot ass pussy's. why waste ur damn time writing stupid shit about fuckn mp3 players ...u fucking queer son of bitch assfuckers
Mac Lovin Fag I love my iPod... Im gay... And I wrote what I think about it... If it breaks then I'll go spend a little more money and go get another, Just like u do a car u bicycle riding ass bitch :)
Kyle Ross Mac Lovin Fag is gay so why doesnt he go have some inter course with his mother fucking ipod. Just becuz i dont want one doesnt mean that im a red neck no one wants to bye a 460$ piece of shit that will break then if you by another its gonna break and your just gonna keep bying pieces of shit when you can get something that doesnt break and it has better sound can fit more songs and i bought my self a nomad and i spent over 300$ so why dont go fuck your pussy you gay homo sexual.
Ryoto Windows and Mac fucking suck Dong, Mac worse than Windows. Linux 444 lyfe.
your a stupider fag that I thought, and theres nea That guy is BEYOND a worthless fag. I dont know about the rest of you, but I probably have more cash in my wallet on any given day than "Mac Loving Fag" has ever seen in his whole worthless life. Does that mean Im gonna go waste it on a piece of fucking shit like a dIkePOD ? no, does that mean I cant afford one ? no,... Also, the PC community follows no one. PC's = PERSONAL COMPUTERS you stupid shit. Did I mention ANY FUCKING THING about operating systems ? NO, but your to fucking STUPID to see that you dumb cunt. The only reason you even brought operating systems up in the first place was to try and change the subject cause I PUT YOUR SORRY ASS IN YOUR PLACE and you were trying to avoid looking like a god damn fool. Well thats just too fuckin late. You were a god damn fool the day you were born. Just like your fuckin mom when she got raped by her gyno doctor....a fool. One last piece of info for all those Apple Mac fags out there....just incase you didn't know...Apple would even EXIST today, if it wasn't for Bill Gates....mhm...seeing as how he forked out billions of dollars to keep Apple alive and keep Microsoft from being a Monoply. So you dumb worthless shits, Bill Gates owns YOU and your worthless fucking Apple Macs as well. Microsoft makes money, Bill makes money,...Apple makes money, Bill makes money. You dickless, brainless, worthless inbreeds.
go to hell gay fuckers...who gives a shit about ipods or nomads or microsoft or any of that shit, u faggot ass geek motherfuckers. go find urself some pussy and become a man.
Marcus Hey apple gay boy. You are so full of shit I could mistake you for an iPod. I own a graphics company here in Australia. Our industry is Mac based so we obviously have a lot Macs. We also run a beefed up 3 YEAR OLD PC which leaves the fucking shit heap G5's for dead. Our newest twin board G5 can't get near our old PC which runs about 30% faster. Macs are overpriced, underpowered yuppy machines and have an very limited lifespan on this earth. Myself and all of my staff who run Macs all day at work all have PC's at home. You are as everyone seems to have pointed out........a really ignorant dumb fucker. Oh yeah, got an iPod for Xmas. Folder and exclamation mark problem thingy. Nothing on Apple's site works (typical for a bunch of apple fuckers). It's going back to the shop tomorrow never to return.......piece of shit!
Hey I might even drop a turd in the nice little box it came in to add some punch to my PISSED OFF-NESS
Andy Ipod Fag, just because we dont want to waste an extra 100$ on a yuppy over glorified pice of plastic and metal. Wait a year until you have to drop another 460$ on a new ipod, blus youll lose all the songs you had. And if you use itunes, thats a lot of money.
Mac Lovin Fag I guess I was wrong, a stupid worthless mac lovin fag.. I think ill go sit on an IPOD mini while I stare at a picture of Steve Jobbs and masturbate onto over priced mac monitor...
Andy Ipod is for country club yuppies. I havee proof. They now have a U2 endorsed ipod. Oh boy, save the rainforest and some god damn tree-slug by buying our overpriced Croatian made mp3 player.
Sapincher I have never seen so much curse words on one page since reading the script of the Sopranos. Honestly, this page is just a place where 12 year olds come to bitch about how the other 12 year olds suck and how they are wrong, while everyone fails to listen to anyone else. No, this forum isn't about calling people fags, it's about how much iPod sucks. Yeah, they do. They have alot of accessories and peripherals though, made just for the type of people that think beauty is only on the outside. They only want pretty things, which is basically Mac's concept. They impress the consumer with vivid flowing shapes, portability, and simplicity, but their products fail to perform correctly. No electronic is perfect, I agree with Andy. But the iPod dazzles everyone with its small size, which tends to squish the electronics like the Tokyoan subway system. Nothing can work in cramped conditions, so it just breaks. It's a problem, but everyone seems to want the smallness. I own a Zen Touch 20gb, which I have had absolutely no problems with since the day I took it out of its box. I studied deep into the specifications of basically every Mp3 player, and after hours of searching, I found this to be the best. It has simply, the best battery life AND stereo quality sounds, comes with everything you need to play it right away, it even has fifty pre-loaded songs on it. I have never owned an iPod, but I have a friend who does. The thing scratches every fifteen seconds, which takes the ecstasy out of getting it brand new. If you ask me, the iPod is just ugly to look at, it's too simple. The only thing it has is customizability.
Stop Your Bitching All I hear these days are, the fagots just like you complaining about a decent product you probably can't even afford, or your just one of those fagots that like to boycott large corporations.

So Just Fuck Off
Stop Your Bitching Don't mind my previous, opinion. I was drunk at the time, LoL
eurisko LOLOLOLOL THSI WAS THE MOST SWEET FLAMEWAR I HAVE EVER SEEN. My story ... I buy a 40 gb vayo , that last 3 days that fucked UP (PIECE OF SHIT), the 4rd day they gave me a beatifull white piece of shit of 40 gb with monochrome display (i don't give a fuck it plays on my pocket not in front of my eyes), 1 week after the first ipod fucks up teh disk. they give me the 2nd ipod, 2 months are gone now... i can say i am satisfied. The batteries? i don't give a shit 24 month warranty in europe. resuming i had a zen in my hand , but it wasn't so pratic as Ipod or Vayo , so ... selecting from various pieces of shit i finally select one with a color not close to shit. YEAH!!! FLAME ME BABE ALL MP3 PLAYERS ARE PIECE OF FRAGIL JUNK. i am sure if you keep them at home they will survive.
i ride snowboards ipods kick ass, macs kick ass, apple kicks ass. i have never had a problem with my ipod, and NONE of my friend have EVER had problems. if the battery dies, i have a warrenty. its all good. microsoft sucks ass, windows sucks ass, and i dont like linux.

bixler hey, Apple, i agree has sucked in the past years and still sucks, computer wise, but i think this Ipod is a turning point for them, i mean i have tons of relatives with Ipods and they have never had a problem, my friends have ipods and no problems there.. i ordered an ipod mini yesterday, ill let you guys know how it works
This Pink Now I have to get back to work, but thanks to all of you. I haven't laughed this hard in a long time. Oh, what's an iPod?
Sapincher I don't like the fact that you cannot take songs off of the iPod. That is really lame. Also, they try to monopolize the market with their iTunes service, thinking that if people buy the iPod, and we make the iPod only work with iTunes, then Voila, cash for us. Typical Microsoft behavior, not expected of Mac. Now, for the flaming. Fuck fuck fuck shit faggggot mofo faagggga gay screw ass piece of lame shit blah omg ur so gay blah blah blah. Ok, I'm done
Sapincher "Werd" mofo i think taht liek totally the zen touch is teh supremo maannn and i did liek fiftkajillion hours of raedin' up on it man at liek and where liek dey put it up against teh iPod and liek the only thing dey could find was that liek the iPod is only very very verry slightly smaller "dawg" and taht it is more eye appaelin'. Dey say dat it is liek easier to usse and stuff, and dey say dat it has a flattish kinda sound 2 it. The Zen touch has a stereo quality sound, and if you liek dont beleive me than go to like and also the zen is a tiny bit liek heavier because of the Xtra Supremo Super Sumo Battery kinda thing dat lasts a really long time. Dis benefits peopel dat liek take it on airflihgts and shtuff. </RETARDED AOLER MODE>
Sapincher I hope you all understood that. I put it in English and in, uh, Netsp3/\k15|-|. Well, you guys can say whatever you want, but Honestly, you will never change each others opinions! Hey! Let's just help the people that are deciding between players! On the other hand, let me get my popcorn and let the flamewar begin. Oh, and will it begin.
you bitches ipods SUCK, apple SUCKS, macs SUCK, and everything and anything that's directely a part of apple/mac SUCKS. Everyone I've know who had a MAC HAS HAD PROBLEMS WITH EM, everyone I've known who has an IPOD or IPOD MINI HAS HAS PROBLEMS WITH THEM, and EVERYONE I know that has dealt with APPLE products HAS HAD PROBLEMS with em. so if your an apple fan, FUCK YOU, FUCK YOUR APPLE SHIT, FUCK YOUR IPOD, FUCK YOUR MOM, FUCK YOUR DOG, FUCK YOUR WHOLE FUCKING FAMILY, and FUCK EVERYTHING THAT HAS ANYTHING TO DO WITH YOU, and if you dont like it, FUCK YOU SOME MORE, Suck my dick @!
LEE You're all arguing over a totally moot point. I agree, the IPOD SUCKS. but I have a valid reason, apart from you bitches who do nothing but have pissing contests over what company's version of the IPOD is the best. the bottom line is, all mp3 players that hold more than 200 or so songs is the problem. Our parents had vinyl, and we grew up looking at it. Our kids might be looking over our tapes and CDs. if technology goes the way of the Ipod, what will the next generation get to look at? fucking LCD panels? It's time to put a stop to all mass storage media, and it's time to do it right now. hear me out people.
I'm on AIM at slickshoes3234, and dammit I want to argue about it if anyone wants to step.

think about the future.
Greg You're all wankers for arguing such a pointless arguement. Great, you hate it. Great, you love it. Who cares? Get a life.
dave I think all of you people are a bunch of geeks
Gotta Zen zounds like the answer is obvious.. if you have Windows, get a normal player, if you love Mac getta pod.. if you mix and match, anything could, and probably will, happen.. my 20gb Zen is over a year old, used every day.. carried all over tarnation.. and still kicks butt. The sound is awesome, battery life still as new far as I can tell.. and, I really like the Sennheiser px-250 headphones.
Ur idiots I don't like the fact that you cannot take songs off of the iPod. That is really lame. Also, they try to monopolize the market with their iTunes service, thinking that if people buy the iPod, and we make the iPod only work with iTunes, then Voila, cash for us. Typical Microsoft behavior, not expected of Mac. Now, for the flaming. Fuck fuck fuck shit faggggot mofo faagggga gay screw ass piece of lame shit blah omg ur so gay blah blah blah. Ok, I'm done

If you can't take a song off the iPod then you must be retarded I think the 'backspace' or 'delete key' while it is plugged into ur comp....
Ur idiots o and i have dropped my iPod mini before adn it still works (6foot drop)
'backspace' or 'delete key' 'backspace' or 'delete key'?

That will transfer the song back to your computer? I don't think so.
Andrew i got my ipod mini last week havent had any problems with it and its mad easy to take off songs and playlists+, whoever couldnt figure that one out is seriously a retard...and it sounds great is really small too, the only problem is you defintley have to get a case cuz it scratches really easy
but other than that its great
Mark Hosch As for the huge MP3 market dominance of apple:

This lies in marketing and gimmicks. Apple is quite good at marketing and gimmicks, so much so that the iPod has turned many users into cult fanatics. I am perplexed as to why iPod owners would love their iPods so much, when iPods are actually sub-par in audio quality, battery life and durability.

Numbers do not lie, but these numbers simply show that the advertisement-saturated populace will buy anything, so long as it is thrown in their faces long enough. Advertising is very effective, as Apple has illustrated for us with its iPod.

When I was in the market for an MP3 player, I was originally going to purchase a 60 gig iPod photo. I had the money, but I didn't think the price tag made sense.

After doing a lot of research, I ended up with a Creative Labs Zen Xtra 30gig. I paid far less, I can replace my own battery without risking damage to the player, and the sound quality is amazing.

My Xtra does not look anything like the iPod, but it is smaller than the CD player I had been using, saves me the hassle of toting around a binder of CDs, constantly provides me with 11 hours of battery life per charge, and does what it is supposed to do. I have some minor complaints about navigating through my music, but I can deal with it.
zhang The only reason iPOD is so popular is that they have good advertisement. They have the skills to turn a (in my opinion) bad product into a moneymaker. The iPOD has:

1. Poor sound quality
2. About 18-24 month battery that is replaceable by a $99 dollar charge.
3. Very high price tags

Also, the iPOD was the first hard-disk mp3 introduced on the market, which is another reason it has become so famous. However, in about 2-3 years, the numbers will drop after iPOD users realize that their battery will only work for one hour.

Personally, I advise you to buy a Dell Pocket DJ, if you don't need so much space for music. It's comes with a very pretty price tag (only $199) with a 1-year warranty and 5 GB of space, whereas the iPOD mini comes with 4 GB of space and costs $249 more!
Stanley Angelo "1. Poor sound quality"

Not really. As a confirmed audiophile, I find that all of the MP3 players (dell dj, iPod, etc) perform consistently well. As long as the source files are of high quality (.mp3 >=192kbps) I don't notice much of a difference. The only problem I have found is with some cheaper players the backlight causes a very high-pitched noise. Only 5-10% of the population can hear noises in this range so it's not even a big deal for most people.

"2. About 18-24 month battery that
is replaceable by a $99 dollar charge."

Not really. I have a number of music players, and the iPod seems about average for battery life. Lithium-ion batteries have natural likes and dislikes. It is not good to leave them fully charged for too long, and it is not good to fully discharge them. It's better to use them and then recharge them at regular intervals, and keep them from getting too hot or too cold. EVERY music player that uses a lithium-ion battery will have the same problems, including iRiver and Dell DJ. Also, the iPod battery is fairly easy to replace. Apple doesn't want to admit it, but you can just pop off the back with a screwdriver and replace it with a $40 knockoff.

"3. Very high price tags"

Guilty as charged. Apple products routinely cost more than their counterparts, and physically they are of similar quality to their competition. In the past, the design was light-years ahead of the others, but some newer players have equally good interfaces now.

Perhaps the extra $80 or so is a back-breaker for someone scrimping and saving. But then I see those same people who complain buy a set of $200 rims for their car or who subscribe to some overpriced ISP like AOL I just shake my head. It all depends what you want to spend your money on.
I dont think so Typcial biased comments from a Mac fanatic. Don't try to jump on the bandwagon supplying that "what I say goes" attitude. No one could care less what your personal experience have lead you to belive. People refer to mass statistics not personal opinion. Taking these statistics into consideration, the Apple IPod indeed comes up short in both ability to support high audio quality and maintaining a dependable battery life. Furthermore, "popping" off the back of your Ipod and replacing it with your own battery....that's all fine and dandy if your willing to void your warranty with Apple....and don't try to contradict me cause it has already been done and Apple most definately voids your warranty if you try to replace the battery yourself.
I dont think so I also have to say that it's pretty sad to keep seeing people say that other people who won't pay the price tag on an Ipod only won't pay cause they can't afford it. There is a difference between people who will buy it and people who wont..and it has nothing to do with what you can afford. Plain and simple...some people are more willing to "waste" money than others.
Sapincher Can anybody bash a Zen Touch or a Dell DJ? I would like to see that, and give proof. What specific problems are there with the Dell DJ or a Zen Touch? We have milked the iPod dry, but let's have a change of opinions here. Also, no stupidly and blindly insulting each other.
Aceman_196 if any of you had any brain cells you would know that ipods run with the best battery on the market. every mp3 play will need its battery changed sooner or later. many of the people saying bad things about the ipod do not even own one. they said so if you read carefully

p.s. i am not gay but why do u rednecks need to make fun of gay people onless they are scared they might be one. i have no problems with gay people as long as they don't hit on me.
Aceman_196 have something to say aim name is drrossigo
aceman is a queer yep, Aceman is gay. Only fags try to use the same old lame reason that people bash gays because they are "afraid", that comment in itself is "gay". Ever heard of hatred ? disgust? repulse? anyone of those will do. You fags and your stupid phobia shit. Get a life, who the fuck would be afraid of a fag ? that after all is what "homophobia" would translate to. You fuckin idiot. Get a life.
Mac is crap Anyone who supports Apple products should be stabbed. This is not a joke, I feel Apple supporters are one of the greatest problems in the world today. A coworker of mine just lost his wife in an accident. She was a graphic designer who only used Macs. Needless to say I have no sympathy for her or her husband. I know that I am not alone on this. We need to band together and punish these Mac users!
Aceman_196 what some of you asshole do not know is that pc are for home and macs are better suited for work. all the fucking rednecks should be killed like you two. first you white asshole drove the indians out of their own land inslaved the black people. you fucking rednecks hate every body even your own. yes you rednecks like banding together. FUCK YOU REDNECKS. i do not hate all white people just the ones from the south.
Aceman_196 south sucks
Aceman_196 just like rednecks
Aceman_196 i have bin looking at what people all over the net had to say about the ipod. most people like it. my friend has had his ipod for a 1 and a half he has had no problems with it.

you guys say mac suck. most of the people saying this do not even own one. they say they do not compute very well but they do. they have a great amount ram. so fuck you rednecks.
aceman is a fag aceman you worthless little faggot, sit on a cock. You don't shit about anything. If I said I went around everywhere on the net and everyone seemed to HATE macs and everyone seemed to have PROBLEMS with their IPODS are you just gonna sit there and belive me ? Ofcourse not, so why the FUCK would we belive you ? You pathetic peice of shit, get a fucking life you southern redneck faggot.
another fag damn i love my ipod!!!
John What's with all the hate over some stupid machines. PC or MAC both the users and the machines suck.
Shirokuma its just not practical, your paying for fashion over functionality. jukebox and iriver are more reasonably priced and much better value for money, and my ipod owning friends are all going to switch when they get the money again to replace there now burned out or broken ipods. the average battery life of an ipod is 18 months b4 it burns out, or so i read anyway. and lets face it they just look plain ugly.
agreed I agree with you, the IPODS are very ugly. I think the only people who actually find them nice looking is those Mac Fanatics. They have to think everything Apple makes is beautiful and perfect, when in reality it's repulsive and far from perfect.
Aceman_196 why the fuck would u call me a redneck. the way it sounds to me is that u want to sit on a dick asshole craker. white power my ass
Aceman_196 your opinon is worthless. it does not matter what you guys say people will always buy ipods. macs offer things that others don't. just like windows. you can't hate macs just because you hate ipods. only stupid rednecks judge things by he say she say.
Aceman_196 call me
Scooby Snaks Just so all you iPod luvers know- Creative was first to come out with a hardrive based mp3 player. Samsung was next and also came out with flash based players. The iPod is all hype. I just don't get it. "It's cool looking". Yeah, right!. If you think a bar of soap is stylish then go right ahead and follow Apple right off the cliff like the lemming you are! Archos Gmini-400 IS THA WIN!!!
Fred Garvin The Ipod is a steaming pile of shit. It sounds lousy, it's over priced, and it's made by apple.
Apples are great for pie, but that's about it. Creative's players sound 10 times better than apple's. It's about sound, not being a hipster, or having the latest status symbol. Fuck Ipod.
Scooby Snaks Mac at work? Your kiddin' right? Lets see...(looking in the compositors bay) Nope, no shitty Macs here, just Flames and PCs. (looking in the texture/matte painters area) Nope, No shitty Macs here, just fast, dual proc PCs. None in the Commericals area where I sit doing vfx work. Lets look acroos the street. Nope, no shitty Macs here in Features. Oops, look a few Macs! Oh there just personal powerbooks fro email and stuff. Welp, there you have it. You CAN'T do heavy duty special effect with Mac-n-toys. Yeah I work for a graphics HEAVY studio and I have a Gmini-400. Just to stay on topic, iPods sucks. :'B
Warranty If you bought it fomm and apple shop ring up and they'll send u a box and you send it off they repair it and send it back. Its not fuking algebra.
MATT yep i have to agree that they do suck they are shit, recharging it for 16 hours before you can use it and the battery life when your actually listening to a tune, the batter dies VERY QUICKLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i have a Creative Zen Micro AND THERE BETTER NEVER LETS ME DOWN ITS THE BEST, THE APPLE COMPANY IS SHIT :)
Screw you ipod is awesome drop it
Dan Harris i have had 5 iPods in the last 10 months and every one has been twice as shit as the last



Going To Buy Creative =)
Peter fucking ipods!!! what the hell apple is fucking out of ideas!!! ipod shuffle wtf! that is like the worst idea ever "ipod shuffle doesnt have a screen but u get an exitment to hear music without knowing u had it"(steve jobs said this words i think...)yea fuck u steve jobs!!! get a life and ipod breaks like heck of easy... i got a ipod 2 months ago and it broke like a week later so i had to return it... apple is just a bunch of faggots trying to get some money.... and a person who said ipod owns 92% of hdd mp3? well think again cuz IRIVER is at the top of the mp3 marketing business IN THE WORLD!!! and it so much better! i have h320 and it has color screen, view text and pics, and if u upgrade it, it will also play movies! unlike those retarded ipods.. fucking ipod... get IRIVER, CREATIVE or what ever u like EXCEPT IPODS!!!!!mark my words!
appl sucks agree with the guy above me!!! iriver and Creative are the best mp3 makers of the world!!!
appl sucks agree with the guy above me!!! iriver and Creative are the best mp3 makers of the world!!!
Fuck Cal and Mac, and Ipod Ipods and Cal (for undergrad at least) both suck (in response to the guy way above).

Iriver definitely makes better Mp3 players. If you're obsessed with pseudo-style and having a Ipod because it's "the cool thing to do, and everyone has one." Then fuck you and your family (j/k but seriously).
eq32f3 MAcintosh makes the most powerful labtop. Just because you have a shitty knowledge of computers. Doesn't mean you have to bitch about it.

Mac <3
Windows sucks, no wonder you're using it?
fuck u ipods for response for eq32f3... why the hell is mac better? give me at least fucking 5 reasons biatch! the only thing they are good at is sleep mode... and nothing else... fucking macs
give it up you guys are ridiculous, such hatred toward an electronics device. christ. i've had 40g ipod since august 04, used it prettymuch everyday since, never had one problem. a bunch of you keep saying "they break all the time", what the hell are you doing to them, sleeping with em? showering with em? the iPod is a fucking great thing. dell sucks, windows sucks, for anyone who disagrees, go download some music for your iRiver(how original, using the "i") and get a virus for your pc. fucking idiots
Quit belly aching If you all hate them so much y the fuk u still talking bout them u had one it broke u bought something else.
WHO CARES. I'm happy with an ipod it breaks down a few times but once you get that sorted out by apple they work fine.
wtf iriver was created first with cd player in 1999 and ipod was created after that bitch so no way Iriver copied their name
dude ok some of u guys said you had 5 ipods in the last 10 months. the dude that said that is an asshole. i still have my 3rd generation and it still workd fine
dude2 what was he doing with that thing.
jim i run a lazer printing company all we use are macs. the macs have the ram we need. my ipod still works and what was that guy doing with ut. you are suposed to play music with it not fuck it.
ragamuphin wow??there went a bunch of time ill never get back
Jimbo Christ! dont piss off an american geek it would seem :D
one more fag 5 reasons:
1. innovation. whatever shit you're using right now, a mac user has probably seen al of its features at least 5 years before. wo do you think brought you USB? or bluetooth? or wireless? multimedia has been a standard on macs for more than 15 years now.
2. design. you don't have to agree, but it is a nice computer and thus makes it more pleasant to work on. the same goes for the computer interface.
3. mac errors seem more "critical" because THEY ALMOST NEVER FAIL. how many times have you had to reformat your computer under windows? i own both. in three years time: win: 7 mac: 1... FUCK THE BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!
4. isn't it cool to sit around a hotspot with a powerbook?
5. oh yeah, if it wasn't for mac, this world would be really boring... go to an apple store and see if you have trouble finding anything. it's fun to be there...

that's pretty much it. wintel pc's own 98% of the market, but that doesn't make them a great thing. nothing's perfect...

then again, you're probably paying more than $80 for a fucking pair of jeans when they actually cost less than $10 to manufacture!!! why do you care so much about the price tag? if you want it, get it.

you won't regret it.
Aceman_196 the same people who bitch about the price own only the top of the line clothing. who the fuck pay 50$ for a t-shirt. why do people think you have to buy songs from itunes to put them on your ipod? you DO NOT.
Asiandude ipod is stupid. what idoit would wanna buy this crappy shit. it's over $300 for christ sake. for that much i can get actual sex!!!
dasf yea umm its very sad to see someone say that ....... you have to pay cuz you cant get girls

very sad you nerd
oh and ipod kicks ass by the way
ipods are awful rele awful sorry i mean SHIT owned 1 for 5 months froze had to get a replacement, afer another couple of months the battery just deterrates rapidly. get about 2-3 hrs max out of it only got 5 to start with,

SOLUTION buy the sony nwhd3 its 1000000x better smaller lighter looks better and has 30hrs of battey (lasts generally about 20-25)
Aceman_196 assole you said 1000000x better SMALLER lighter. that bitch is stupid.
Quit bitching bout it wat is wiv u people you bought an i-pod (the fact stands you payed your money for something you all thing is crap) It broke, so wat sned it off get it repaired, TRY TECHNICAL SUPPORT. most fo the time its just the fact that youve loaded some shit on your computer thats fuked your i-pod. The i-pod itself is not shit they rule.

I learned from my mistake and loaded up a better antivirus program, spyware and a better firewall and its been working fine eva since.

I'm going to make it as monosylabic as posible.

Quit your bitch in u bought the thing.

Go out and buy your sony this and crewative that but don't bitch bout ti just cos U!!! fuked it up.
XXX let me guess, this is the "i didn't get an ipod for christmas now i'm bitter" forum.
cheerup there's always next year!
Aceman_196 nice to know there are still stupid people in the world
Aceman_196 ipods rule fuck you all who hate them.
ipod... love/hate went to fix my iPod at the apple store, the harddrive was locked up, and they told me that they needed to survey whether these two indents that i can't find are the root of the problem, and if they are, then i get to pay for the repair, and if i refuse the repair, they con charge you 100 dollars for diagnosis. thats BS. i should have gotten a Dell, or a Rio, or a Crative, or a Gateway, or even just a CD player.
ab Heres my list of reasons why I'm not happy with the iPod:
<a href = "">iPod Sucks</a>
Aceman_196 Not Found
The requested URL /ipodsucks.html">iPod was not found on this server.
joel you guys are sooo gay...hahaha this conversation started in march last year and you are still on this talking shit to people. especially you ACEBOY. hahaha you are so funny man. seriously stop visiting this site and start worrying about things that matter. and where did the whole race thing come up...rednecks and indians getting driven out of america. what...pritty sweet man...hahahahahahaha
dude don't hate on ace he is right
jay with an ipod u can save files to it. name another one u can do that with.

Vicky wow i pods are amazin don't you think so. lol
me yes they are
Quit bitching bout it Who the fuck started this stupid fuking argument, there peices of metal and plastic. You are the kind of people who get one bad thing and then bitch about it for 3 years. GET OVER IT its a machine u bitchin bout it aint gonna fix it.
me fuck you
*___* then don't use your computer then asshole
ipods are crap ipods suck get an iriver they have prety good batery life. get the H320 or H340 they are abought $270 and have many features that ipods dont. like a color screen picture vewing good battery life fm tunner and recorder voice recorder and is neat looking i think it has an carbon fiber front and back cover. carbon fiber is a very strong and very expensive matireal fond in like a race car. ipods suck and you are an idiot if you like any of the ipods or macs they suck all apple products suck
ipods are crap or you chould get a dell dj they are nice and better then a ipod
ipods are crap fuck you all that get an ipod or mac porduckt
ipods are crap ipods suck so brian write a nice reciw on how aplle can go to hell and fuck you apple by the way i hope you fucking kid who droped his ipod like 6 feet in the air you are an idiot and i hope it breaks i mean i know it will break soon enough and was it on
Don't buy an ipod i agree with "ipods are crap". i own a dell dj 20GB and it is way better quality than an ipod. and my battery life tops that of any of ipod because i have gotten a little over 20 hours off of it on one charge. you all shouldn't just follow the crowd and buy a piece of shit ipod. think about it and buy something that is worth the price. as most people would agree with me: buy a dell dj, iriver, or creative mp3 player as they are the best quality players you can get that are actually worth the price. don't buy anything from apple because all of it is a rip-off including their overpriced junkers that they call imacs
Don't buy an ipod and ESPECIALLY DON'T BUY A FUCKING APPLE SHUFFLE. That has got to be the STUPIDEST IDEA for an mp3 player since apple first released the damn ipod
lol how do you guys put music on your mp3 players using the usb right? that is an apple invention so don't use it then asshole. you hate apple stuff so much. :p
tommy ahahah fukin hell ipod suks i had 3rd generation broke down the frist day and went to get a exchange for another one wtf,..... so its broke the 3rd generation 4 !! times!! on me and then the 4th generatino( piece of shit house generation) broke down on me twice ( so thats 6 ipos i have to go through) man im lucky they fianlly gave me a refund, so then i go a sony 20gb its got 30hours battery and hold 13,000 songs max can ipod beat 30 hours and 13,000 songs no!!!! and has u got shock, durability noo cause the sony kills and the sony cost $399 amercian aust. 600$ and thats more then ipod so dont u say cant afford ipod u shits
bay usb lol is right.
i ok tommy you are a lier. if it broke so many times why do keep getting more. i bet you don't even have one. i do and it still works. i had got it this christmas.
will The moron who started thus blog is just jealous they dont have an ipod.

Todd Ok.

People keep mentioning the crappy battery issue the iPods have. What the hell?

I've had my FIRST GENERATION iPod since they came out, and I have had ZERO problems with it, especially with the battery. Thats almost 4 years...quite a bit longer than the 18 months people say it will last. I use my iPod on a regular basis too. Pretty much every day - on the way to and home from school and work, plus often times during school and other places. I've also been very pleased with the battery life of my iPod. Like I said, I use it often, but still I only have to recharge it like once every 2 weeks - thats less than I charge my cell phone!

Honestly, I don't know what people are talking about when they bitch about this stuff.

And do you know whats funny? Every person who ranted about the iPod in this blog thread are completely un-credible sources. They are all obviousy 12 year olds, or type like one anyway. If you have to use so much profanity to get your point accross, you must be quite an idiot.
quackquackquackqu ackquakcquackquakckcuquackquakckquackquakcaauckquackquacku
Fuck you ipod rednecks Suck a motherfuckin dick u whitetrash trailor park redneck ipod users
james i bet you do not even own one asshole. i bet you are like 10. people say it sucks the dell dj is twice the size of the ipod that stupid zen thing is 3 times larger. but can any of the store file other than music files like the ipod?
yes ipods fucking rule
dj dell dj sucks almost as much as the zen
andrew I mean come on I agree with Todd with all the profanity. Ipods are the best mp3 out there. They have the best organization of music and are very portable. Besides, do you see all of the Zen's and Pocket DJ's have any accessories to go along with it.... Yeah I didn't think so. Oh yea, one more thing, the person who said that ipod users are rednecks, how old are you? Besides Ipods are what at the least $200 for the Mini, I don't think that's redneck. But w/e you little ignorant people wanna think later...
juanman um yeah, i have a U2 edition ipod. it is awesome. i dont know why everyone wants to buy a dellpod, they suck. my firend has a 20 gb dj, i was messing with it, the interface is so shitty and wtf is up with the enormous size? the damn thing felt like a brick. the screen sucked. im on my second ipod, i had a dead pixel on the screen so i email apple and they sent me a box to send the ipod back in, i didnt have to leave my house at all or pay anything. once i got the box, it took one week for me to get a brand new one in the mail. and with everyone complaining about the auto-sync, this is JUST a OPTION! you can turn it off under preferences. so everyone who hates ipods can suck suck a dick with their dellpod BJ's
Zen Touch Rocks one of the best commentaries on the iPod and Apple that I've read...

"I don't know about you, but I'm about fed up with all the free -- and ridiculous -- advertising and publicity Apple Computers gets. If they decided to bottle air and sell it, calling it, no doubt, "PowerAir" or "AirMac" or "AirPod," they'd claim that they had invented air. Then all the articles about the new MacAir would treat that claim as if it were true and suddenly start treating other air-packagers as mere imitators, playing "catch-up" with Apple.

I remember years ago, when Apple came out with their PowerBook notebook computer. I was at a meeting with an extraordinarily dumb young movie producer who kept going on and on about all the cool things his PowerBook could do. "It can sign on the internet and get email! I can care it with me on planes and it runs on batteries!"

Finally I got fed up and just showed him my Toshiba laptop. "I can do all those things, and this computer cost me a thousand dollars less than yours."

It was a cruel thing to do, I thought, to take the wind out of his sails like that. But no, I had forgotten: He was an Apple user! He gave me a withering look and said, "Yes, but mine is an Apple."

Well, yes, but he said it as if that were a good thing.

Think about it. All the rigid, corporate-determined uniformity and buy-it-from-us-or-drop-dead attitude of Microsoft, but you have to buy your hardware from them, too. I watch Apple users attempt to manipulate their clunky operating system -- click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, just to get where I can go with a single action on my keyboard -- and I hear them raving on and on about what wonderful trhings Apple is finally deigning to make available to them, but which PC users have had for years, and it all makes me vaguely sad.

"Windows crashes all the time," they say with a smirk. Then, when they're talking among themselves and they don't think you're listening, they reveal the evil truth: Macs crash too. And Mac software has bugs and flaws and security gaps and stupidity built in, just like Windows.

What Macs don't have is any competition. Once you've bought into the hype and forked over your money, they've got you and you can't get free without completely replacing everything.

The same thing has happened now with the iPod. I had been using wonderful MP3 players for years. My Rio Riot held twenty gigs of music. My little Panasonic E-Wear, and later my Rio Cali, let me take incredible amounts of music with me when I exercised or took long flights.

Then the iPod comes out and it doesn't do anything that I needed and didn't already have. Not only that, but it was deeply ugly, a plain ivory-colored box with pathetic controls that looked like it should hold generic earswabs. Compared to my Rio Riot, it was a piece of junk and looked like a piece of junk.

And now it seems to have taken over the world. Everything is geared toward iPods. I still have MP3 players with more capacity and better interface than the iPod, and people talk and write as if the iPod had invented the whole class of machine, and all the others were just imitations.

Even the current PC World magazine has been suckered into this Apple mystique. They had a "brave and daring" front-of-book essay about how PC makers ought to learn to do things more like Apple. And do you know what it came down to? The colors and shape of the cheap plastic they wrap their products in.

Yeah, that's right. They make the ugliest, silliest, most embarrassing-looking cheap plastic products in the industry, charge half again as much as you'd pay for a cleanly designed, functional looking product, and they are given credit for design!

I know what will happen, of course. A lot of smug Apple owners will write me taunting letters about how Windows crashes all the time. Old news, kiddies. My XP doesn't crash at all. And I have about a hundred times as much software to choose from, and can customize my own machine (despite the best efforts of Microsoft) a thousand times more than you can, and I'm paying less for it, and it looks like I actually intend to do serious work with it.

As for your iPod, I just have to shake my head and laugh. There are much better -- and better-looking -- products out there, and I already own some of them. But you go on believing that yours Is the best in the world. That's what Apple depends on. You'll get into the harness, they'll put the blinders on you, and you'll think you're pulling the queen's carriage instead of the old farm wagon you're dragging along. "
ipods rule Wow you ipod haters can go suck a fat dick
Nick iPods and Mac in general just blows. Dell is fucking amazing and anyone who owns an iPod takes it up the ass....

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