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FreeBSD installation attempt corrupted the boot sector, yay!

I got some kind of disk error while trying to install FreeBSD 5.2.1 x86-64. Although I specifically opted to NOT install a boot manager of any kind, after rebooting, I can no longer boot into Windows. You'd think that I'd learn not to attempt an OS installation at 2:30am. After some quick googling, I think I can restore the boot sector by running fdisk /mbr, but I don' t want to screw things up worse.

I've cross-posted my BSD BS onto several message boards, so I'll wait till I get a few responses before I do anything drastic.

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[EDIT] Well the first thing I tried was fdisk /mbr. After rebooting I could now see the C:, but I got the message OS not installed. So then I tried running some stuff from the XP cd in restore mode (fixboot, fixmbr, bootconfig, etc.). Now when I rebooted I got the NTLDR Is Missing. So then I went through a bunch of complicated steps in a MS Knowledge base article. I still ended up with the NTLDR message. So I threw in the ME CD and began re-installing that onto the C drive, I chose to back-up existing system files and setup crashed during this process and gave me a useless hexadecimal Dos error. After restarting, going into setup, skipping system backup, ME setup now got to 67% complete when I got a SUWIN error. I hit Ignore several thousand times and setup finally completed. After rebooting 5 times, I was back to a functioning machine again. My boot.ini was still intact so my other OSs were left unharmed. The whole process took less than 5 hours ;-) (most was spent googling)

I really want to try *nix/*BSD, but so far it's been nothing but a hassle. Are there any easy to use *nix/*BSD installers, or am I stuck waiting for YaST when SuSE 9.1 comes out in May?

[EDIT again] I think I should also add that not a single bit of important data was lost during this entire process.

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Ralph "I think I should also add that not a single bit of important data was lost during this entire process. "

That's good it's a terrible thing to see good porn lost to a BSD install.
travis what's sad, is that BSD didn't even install, it crapped out. The only thing it managed to do was F up my boot process. I noticed last night that my XP64 and LH64 partitions still aren't bootable, so I'll probably have to do some crazy recovery console shenanigans on those installations as well. Just when I think "why do i even bother?", my curiosity sets in. I just wanna run 64-bit seti in a 64-bit OS, and browse with 64 bit fire[whatever], with no emulation modes.

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