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US jobs created from outsourcing?

Tom's Hard News: "104,000 jobs were relocated in 2003, but 90,000 were created as a result of outsourcing. This trend would continue and allow US companies to spend more money on US workers, the study says. Looking ahead, 317,000 new jobs would be created due to outsourcing." Of course, the study should probably be taken with a grain of salt: "The study was sponsored by the ITAA which represents more than 11,000 IT companies in the US, including corporations such as IBM, one vocal proponent of outsourcing." There's still a difference of 14,000 jobs. I'm kinda on the fence on the whole outsourcing thing. On one hand, I don't want to lose my job or have my pay cut, but on the other one I don't blame companies for hiring workers who'll work for cheaper - as long as they do the same quality of work. Customer service would be the last place I would outsource though. I can barely understand people with southern accents, how am I expected to understand people who speak english as their second language?

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