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Carl: Look at my friggin' car! It's been crushed to bejesus and back!

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Stembow D..Do....Do what now?
Stembow Meatwad: Shake, where is my popsicle?
Shake: Please, wait a second!
Meatwad: I require a popsicle every fifteen minutes, you obviously did not read the memo.
Shake: Is this your memo? I don’t even know what this is!
Meatwad: You sicken me with your lies
Shake: I’ll make you some right away!
Meatwad: Make me some? Please, do not insult what little intelligence I have. I need it now!
Shake: Then I’ll go to the store, please, sir.
Meatwad: Yes you will, now what is the magic word, bitch?
Shake: Please, let me go to the store and get popsicles for you, thank you, sire!
Meatwad: That’s right! You’d better run boy and bring back some chocolate syrup too, or your fate is sealed.

poopa hi

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