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Mod your Xbox into a Media Center PC "While a top-of-the-range DVD player's performance may be good, the range of functions most models offer are limited to say the least. No solution we are aware of comes close to the capabilities of the Xbox Media Center. Fortunately, the developers offer the XBMC free of charge and a suitably modded Xbox, such as the one we tested, with remote control and A/V cable, is readily affordable. [...] the inevitable onslaught of future systems that will support numerous multimedia file types will still have a tough time to beat the price/performance ratio a modded Xbox offers." Really, $150 is a hell of a deal for something with this many features. Why would anyone buy a PS2 or Gamecube when an Xbox has this much extensibility? All Xbox needs to destroy the market is Gran Turismo and Mario. It already has some sweet Atari games.

[Edit]: Premodded Xboxes from FriendTech range in price from $199 - $479.

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