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Even the Mini iPods Suck

I've mentioned previously that the original iPods sucked, and still sucks. Today I came across a post on Channel 9 telling how the Mini iPod also sucks. Can Apple get anything right?

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Adam Lindsay Replaceable batteries are now available.
They have 1/3 of the portable music device market and the #1 online music store. They continue to sell so fast that there is a waiting list for their devices. Not to mention that they are small and lighter than everything else out there in the 40Gig market.

Oh and if that isn't enough, they offer the best DAC of any MP3 device sold todate. Which means that when it comes to Audiophiles, there is only a single choice.

The ipod Mini's did have some initial sound quality problems, but all have been fixed.
travis "Replaceable batteries are now available"
For a price of course:

"They continue to sell so fast that there is a waiting list for their devices"
The reason they "sold so fast" is because they were offered in limited supply so they could have more time to fix their bugs and build-quality issues. (like the song deletion issue with the mini-ipod)

"they offer the best DAC of any MP3 device sold todate"
SWEET! I didn't know they offered WM9Pro! Audiophiles? I didn't know they listened to digital music. ;-)

Adam Lindsay Last time I checked all music sold is digital, except LP's. But unless you are going from Record Player to Tube Amp... :)

DAC's are important, very important. It is what separates Sony from Rotel. WM9Pro is simply another lossless codec, which AAC has and Monkey and Flac, and yep.

IPOD's can play WAV, AIFF, AAC-Lossless and with the all powerful DAC, they are the chosen portable player of Audiophiles.
William Genty I am one of the creators of the ORIGIONAL iPod. Yes, we had minor problems, and some, major problems, as most new thigs do. The first Hummer2 has the most errors on it than any other motor on the market... why? because it is in it's new era.

Same goes for the Qwack, Pong, iRiver, Audi, Windows, I could go on forever.
travis First of all, if you're trying to pretend to be someone intelligent, learn how to spell. I'll agree that the H2 is a piece of shit, but how is it new? SUV's have been around for decades. AM General has been making humvees for the military since 1985. And I'll agree that there's a big list of overpriced companies' products out there that don't give you what you pay for, but you'd think people (companies, etc.) would learn from their mistakes.
Jort hehe.. I like it when other people are fighting about the iPod. Does it sucks or does it rocks? I think it does suck! But it's a great player for people who wants to show of with their white earbuds, their dock (muhahah), their silly programs and inclomplete packages without USB cables. Muhahah! I'm listening to my XCLEF HD-500 who's large and not beautiful at all, but I want to listen music and don't want to show off with my lovely white design (ahum.. :|). I don't need a dock and a silly application and database on my musicplayer. My player costs 270 euros and the iPod with the same capacity (30GB) costs about 450 euros. I have a better navigation and 22 fucking hours non-stop music playing! And the iPod.. erm.. eight! HAHA! I have a cool battery which I can replace in a few seconds for 15 euros. I can play ASF, WAV, MP3, WMA, OGG (!), TXT, BMK, M3U etc. etc. I think a mp3 file @ 192kbps or higher sounds great at my machine. Audiophiles doesn't listen to cool, white machines who make music with little white earbuds with a quality of nothing!

Please go further discussing what you do and don't like about the iPod. But you know that I have a better player for the half of the money and and and and more.

Bye, bye...
ipodh8or ipods definately suck. The reason theyre popular is because apple has a good marketing department, so good it can even bend the truth.
Bob I don't get why anyone would defend Apple's BS proprietary file format. If i buy music (which I do) I want to be able to use it as I see fit - not be treated like Apple's chattle. I bought onebut I would look for a different brand for my next MP3 player (like when the battery wears out)

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