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BioDiesel, it's time to switch... or is it?

Yes it is. If you haven't been inspired by the recent Wired article, your local newspaper, or any other article, now's the time to switch. Whether your converting a car, a bus, or even a train, I can guarantee you'll be happy with the mileage. There's tons of info out there (and tons of opinions too). Aside from the enormous environmental benefits (better mileage than gasoline, produced from renewable materials, contains practically no sulfur, decreases soot emissions, etc.), it also benefits farmers, which we've got plenty of in this state. It's something to think about while you're saving for that Prius, or waiting for HyWire to get here.

[Edit]: somehow I managed to miss a recent /. article on this very subject. It only costs the dude $0.41/gallon!

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Ralph Costs?
travis Biodiesel is slightly more than plain diesel at the pump, BUT you can make the biodiesel at home:

A new Golf TDI is $17,200, and much cheaper used (check out the completed items):

You'll only need one of those conversion kits if you want to run straight fry-grease.
travis here's a quote from the one site:
"Biodieselers using waste oil feedstock say they can make biodiesel for 60 cents US per gallon or less."

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