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Talkin' 'bout movin'

I was talkin toDaveytoday about how many different times we've moved...

travis (3:54:39 PM):where're you movin?
davey (3:54:52 PM):across town, cheaper place closer to campus
travis (3:55:19 PM):cool
davey (3:55:37 PM):yeah hopefully, fuckin hate movin shit though
travis (3:55:58 PM):haha, no shit
travis (3:56:12 PM):i can't wait till i get a damn house
davey (3:56:32 PM):goddamn for real, find somewhere i want to staaaay
davey (3:57:07 PM):this is like the 5th apartment in 5-6 years, its insanity
travis (3:58:23 PM):fuck, i haven't lived in the same place for over a year since my freshman year @ RIT in '97
davey (3:58:55 PM):lol i made 14 months here
davey (3:59:40 PM):dick st was damn near a year
travis (4:00:08 PM):Dorms > Olean > Racquet Hole > UC > Colony > UC > Dickstreet > Greece > Wilmer St > Wilmington St
davey (4:00:29 PM):goddamn! hahahah
travis (4:00:31 PM):that's a lot of movin
davey (4:00:49 PM):racquet hole
davey (4:00:50 PM):hahha
davey (4:02:12 PM):jesus i didn't even think of NJ
davey (4:02:16 PM):forgot i left a semester at dick st
travis (4:02:19 PM):oh yeah

Yeah, so basically I've moved a lot:
1997 Olean > Dorms > Olean (summer) > Racquet Hole > UC (summer) > Colony > UC (summer) > Dick St. > Greece > Wilmer St. > Wilmington St. > [NEW HOUSE] 2004


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Adam Lindsay Can always be worse. Going for Top Secret clearance. One must list all places they have lived at for the last 10yrs. This is full addresses and dates. Not a big deal except you must also provide contact information for a person that can vouche that lived there. And they can't all be the same person. Each different.
travis Whoa, "good luck with all that" ;-)

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