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So my car was broken into last night

I got a call from my mom at 5:30 saying someone called her from my cellphone. She checked the caller ID and it was from my cellphone, so she called my apartment. The night before I had gotten in around 11:15pm or so, and my car had been full of Sherry's stuff (the first carload of many). The car was parked a few houses down from mine and I could see some stuffed animals on the ground from my apartment. I got closer to see that all four doors weren't closed all the way and I looked inside to have the pleasure of seeing my dash ripped open and my stereo missing. I'm too mad to check to see if any of Sherry's stuff is missing now and I don't wanna mess up the crime scene any before the cops get here. I really hope none of her stuff is missing, that would just send me over the edge. Some of her stuff was from her now deceased grand parents so it isn't exactly replaceable. So far it looks like just the stereo and cellphone. My 12 disc changer laid happily in plain sight on the driver's side floor. I guess some dude allegedly found my cell phone near Dewey & Birr st. I have his pager, prolly call the dude later after I talk to the police again (if I talk to the police again). Anyways, pics and prolly more updates to follow.

08:44 - Well, I checked out my car a little better. It appears that just my cellphone and stereo were stolen. I still have to call the kid who has my cell phone. The thieves were nice enough to leave me a craftsman flathead screwdriver, so at least I got something out of the deal.

18:25 - Apparently city cops only investigate these types of crime scenes if there were a chain of cars broken into so I guess I'm on my own. Now if I could just get the dude to answer my phone or call me back.

19:09 - Meeting "Mike" at Coliseum Pizza (on Dewey near Ridgeway) at 9 tonight to get my phone back. Unless it's an Ackbar and I get gangbustered, hehe. Ah well, here's some pics:
Before: before

After: after

21:36 - Yay cell phone. I'd also like to plug Coliseum Pizza, they deliver anywhere in Monroe County 11am until 4AM. If you ever get "Mike" the delivery dude, give 'em a phatty tip. And thanx to Ern for folowing my ass out there, and being Johnny-on-the-spot with the "9" and the "1", just in case.

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andy Sorry to hear about that. It's a shame that the cops aren't interested in solving crimes like this. People that break into cars will probably keep doing it until they get caught, so hopefully your thief will end up in your friendly neighborhood pound-me-in-the-ass prison.
travis Yeah, it's definitely a bummer. I guess it's time for a new head unit, and maybe an alarm. Hopefully my deductible is less than the damage.
Uncle John GODDAMMIT, I hate that SHIT!!!

You have my most sincere sympathy.

Uncle John
The Lawless West.
Ralph So what did the insurance company say?
travis Yay, all the damage was only $10 over my deductible. I can't wait to get that check for $10 that is co-written out to my lienholder. Woo hoo. Those jerks. I guess all that money paid towards comprehensive isn't worth it, I'll have to cancel that as soon as I get a chance.

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