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Bored Cops/Busy Cops (damn thiefs)

My mom called me tonight from her home in Olean NY, to let me know that one of her hanging plants on her porch had been stolen this weekend. Kinda bizarre. The neighbors convinced her to call the police and when she did, two showed up at her house, letting her know that they'd see if they could find her plant. But in Rochester, when you have hundreds of dollars in damage to your vehicle, your stereo stolen, plus fingerprint AND footprint evidence - you aren't even given the courtesy of a visit by a single cop. Score one for small towns, I guess. My landlord was telling me that someone he knew actually had a tree stolen from his front yard. The thief didn't even have a truck waiting or anything. I guess there was a trail of dirt that went on for three blocks. They never found out who did it and never saw the tree again.

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Adam Lindsay We have an election coming up this November. Pay attention to who is for reducing police force funding and who is not.

Brighton once had a board member that was so cheap, that she want to have the officers share guns, and trade at the end of shifts. Anyone that knows weapons knows they are personal items, with sights set to individuals.

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