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I'm Special

I won some kind of trip for being the second most profitable employee in the entire company in the past six months today. Kinda cool. I don't remember the details on what's included or comp'd and what-not, but it's still exciting. What's funny is just before I was told, I had my lunch cut short (by the client who no doubt made me the most profitable), I had problems using the damn fax machine for the second time today, I had to take a detour to my damn apartment because of the construction that was occurring directly in front of it, I met Sherry who had an interview go not as well as she expected, came outside to find out my neighbor's motorcycle had been stolen from his front yard directly across from mine the previous night/morning, and got back to work late for a meeting I had forgotten about (and too late to eat the pathetic lunch I had just rushed to get), which was the same meeting where I found out about the trip. Karma or just a bizarro twist? I don't really care I got a free trip.

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