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Potent Potables

No, not Turd Ferguson, it's KenJen - The Drinking Game. Here's the game from Slate:

  1. If KenJen misses a question, everybody drinks once. If one of his opponents gets that same question right, drink again.
  2. If KenJen misses a Daily Double, drink twice.
  3. Responding to clues during regular play is optional (though who can resist shouting out the ones you know?), but Daily Doubles and Final Jeopardy can be used as occasions for competitive drinking. When Daily Doubles come up, each player shouts out his or her answer, and whoever misses (or of course, forgets to phrase her response in the form of a question) must take another swig. During the commercial before Final Jeopardy, drinks may be wagered on the outcome: "U.S. Presidents? I'll take that for three." If you're right, you get to make your opponents take three drinks; if you're wrong, take them yourself.
  4. Finally, a few "Hi, Bob!"-style rules to keep everyone on their toes and celebrate the quirks that make KenJen so lovable or loathsome, depending on your point of view. Everybody drinks once whenever:
    1. Alex Trebek mentions Ken's affiliation with the Mormon church;
    2. KenJen's answer ends with a stylistic flourish, like last night's, "What are the munchies, man?" in response to a clue about an 8-letter word for "hunger pangs";
    3. The banter between Alex and Ken becomes disturbingly intimate. A few nights ago, one of KenJen's victims mentioned in the chat segment that if he beat the champ that night, he planned to get a tattoo of Alex Trebek in celebration. This anecdote inspired an odd KenJen riff about having 30-odd tattoos of Alex all over his body, one for each night of his winning streak thus far. A mental image like that one is definitely an excuse for a drink.
  • Finally, as Steven Reynolds, a technical writer from Cohasset, Mass., writes, "Something special needs to be in place for whenever Ken is finally defeated. I think either a bottle of the finest champagne for a quiet and modest celebration of this greatest of Jeopardy! champions ... or maybe a few bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 to wash away the sorrow that comes with the prospect of Jeopardy! without Mr. Jennings." There are only four games remaining until the season ender this Friday, when we find out whether KenJen will make the jump to come back as next season's returning champion. So stock up on Potent Potables, and remember: Always Jeopardrink! responsibly. Thanks for playing!

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