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Doom 3 preorder

I went to Best Buy last night and preordered Doom 3. You only have to pay $10 right now, and you get this little bonus pack with a little pewter mancubus figurine, a poster, a coupon for $5 off any RTCW game for the PC, and a $10 coupon for an nVidia FX5700 or FX 5900. Then on the release date you just show up with your receipt and they'll take the $10 you've already paid off of the final price. I've never preordered a game before but it makes sense to do it that way. In fact I'm pretty sure that the last game I've bought for the PC was Doom 2 (I'm not 100% positive, but I haven't been able to think of another game that I've bought since). Of course Doom 2 was $35 not $55, damn inflation.

Of course I had to see this deal yesterday. An Audigy 2NX (Dolby 7.1, etc.) for only $52 and free shipping? Considering the crappy onboard sound I have now, I was pretty much obligated to buy it. So that doubled the price of the game so far.

Then I had to get some 7.1 speakers to go along with it. I saw these at and I couldn't resist. Creative's marketing BS even says that they're the perfect compliment to the Audigy 2NX. So now the final tally of Doom 3 for me is $175! Ah well, I need speakers and a better soundcard anyway. Plus I'm sure Doom 3 is worth it.

It's made me wonder though. If someone as cheap as me is spending this much money on the damn game, how many other people are going to be a sheep like me? I think it'll be bigger than Quake 3 was. It will be a welcome boost to the PC industry.


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