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Well, I tried to donate an invite to GMail 4 Troops, but I haven't gotten a response. So post if you want a gmail account.

[UPDATE:] I just got 3 more invites.

[EDIT]: I get 6 a day, post in this thread if you still need one: GMail invites.


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Shannon J Hager please?
Ralph Why don't you give them away here
Shannon J Hager My name was on that list once upon a time. Someone registered for a profile, then erased a bunch of names (including mine) and then never did anything with the profile again.

Wikis are pretty lame unless they are policed constantly.
travis Thanks Ralph, I guess developers are probably the next best thing to support besides the troops ;-) (everyone on Channel9 is a developer, right?)

Shannon, I'm still on the fence about wikis. I guess it depends on who's doing the policing. It sux that a bunch of people got dropped from that list, but then you'll come across something like the wiki on wikipedia and you'll be amazed at the gaping amount of information on a subject like that.
uroš please i Need gmail invite please

send me to

Lihkin Please can u send me a g-mail invite to
im really desperate... my e-mail sucks and i cant pay for a big enough inbox it would really be a massive favour
Zack I need 1
travis Mail Delivery Subsystem
<> to me
More options 9:20pm (56 minutes ago)
This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

Technical details of failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 554 delivery error: dd This user doesn't have a account ( [-5] -
Larry I could use it
Larry email for Larry is
kerry burnett im tired of using my dads email..he readds my friggen mail!
sorry for the rant but i really need one

travis If anyone would like their email remove or have their entire comment deleted, let me know.
Edwin Floriani lol since everyone is asking for GMail invites i might aswell join in, who knows lol , someone may be generous enough to send me one, (i hope), lol anyway my email is, gmail invite would be very welcome, Thx
mustafa I would like an invite if anyone has one
Rajesh I would like an invite if anyone has one

travis Edwin, Mustafa and Rajesh, you all should have an invite.
Nick I would like a Gmail invite if you still have one please

travis Nick, you should have one.
masum Hi,
I need a Gmail account. Plz invite me at
travis ok masum, you should have a gmail invite now.
bruno bennotti please i Need gmail invite please

send me to
travis ok bruno, you should have one now.
gereblye please send me a gmail invite to thx...
brawler839 could you send me a gmail invite, my e-mail is
ciliz could anyone send me a gmail invitation?
Bruce Wayne If you still have any left, I would appreciate one.
Juwad i would appreciate a gmail account! if some one could please give me an invite on

Susan I would love an invite. Thank you so much!
Nadine could anyone send me a GMail invitation? i would be very happy!
my mail adress is:
anson gmail invite would be great
Sahn hi , can I get one. Please invite me

Claus Me too :)

thx for your time... may you all have a pleasant day !!!

Alice Hey all, I have 2 gmail invites to give out. Send me your name and e-mail address to the following e-mail address:

Happy Holiday!
sopp i realy realy need!!!! gmail invite
ladyivorypale Go here for Gmail invites :
Desmond 43 Invites left, get them while its still hot....

Send a message to me

Listing your email. Don't be greedy and send twice, cause i will ignore you >_>
srihari if you need an invite just mail me
andi please im free invite gmail. please
send to email
sybayl i still need a gmail account. Please invite me. Thanks.

ahmad please

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