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$3USD Firefox plush dog toy

On our ADK trip Sherry and I bought this squeaky dog toy at one of the stores up there:
firefox aka red panda aka raccoon(?)
Now the I know the description says "raccoon", but judge for yourself which it is supposed to be: raccoon or "red panda" aka firefox. Aside from the fact that the dog loves it, I think that the mozilla organization could prolly resell these cute lil F'ers to geeks and their chicklets everywhere for about 5x that price and absorb a bunch'o'capital.

I have some pictures of a red panda from the Syracuse Zoo: (1) (2) (3). (I can smell the 403.9 errors my crappy server is gonna get from those images already, damn RR and their limited uploads and damn 2000 Pro IIS and its limit of 10 users!)

[EDIT]: I forgot to mention that the firefox logo actually looks more like a red fox, than a red panda. Maybe it's some crazy hybrid of the two?


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