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The New Michael Jordan of Quake/Doom?

Tom's Hardware points out a bunch of cool shit at QuakeCon 2004. The Fatal1ty Quake 3 champion dude has not only his own booth babes, but Abit has licensed the Fatal1ty name for a line of products - basically the Air Jordans of the computing world. There was a shootout against him that sounds like it was a pretty awesome deathmatch. The winner, Daler, got a bunch of stuff. Then they had some crazy Quake 3 and Doom 3 double-elimination tournaments with prizes of $25K, $15K, and $12K for the top three in each one. It sounds like it was pretty cool.

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Ralph Funny there didn't seem to be any hype for this event as there has been in the past. I didn't even know it was coming up.
travis Yeah, I know. I think everyone was too busy playing Doom 3 and forgot about it.
Air Jordan jordan is the man, should be more of this from him

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