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Time for STAAR! Here's a summary:

"A permanent, implantable contact lens that can dramatically improve vision in patients with severe nearsightedness is expected to receive FDA approval by the end of this year. [...] The lens was designed to remain in the eye permanently, but if a patients vision changes, the lens can either be removed and changed, or the patient can get regular corrective glasses, contact lenses or LASIK surgery. [...] The procedure is expected to cost up to 20 percent more than LASIK surgery, which runs about $1,000 per eye [in the US — it's much cheaper in Canada]."

I can't wait to tell Lenscrafters to suck it. I guess STAAR has some competition as well. AMO has some Verisyse technology which is similar. The differences being Verisyse has been around since the '70's, it's been performed on over 100,000 people, requires a larger incision, and takes about twice as long (15 minutes vs. 8 minutes).


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