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Who the F still needs Gmail?

Does anyone out there still need a Gmail account? It seems like everyone and their brother has been getting 6 invites at a time. Post if you need one.

[EDIT]: I get 6 a day, post if you want one.


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Ashley I need one :(
email me one to ? or ? :) Thankies
travis OK, I've sent one to the account.
nicholas me too
nicholas thank you very much for the gmail invite
Wills Bateman if you got any left please email one to
travis OK Wills I sent one to your hotmail.
Wills Bateman fanx
Dave Roberts if you got any left send one 2 please
Luke Haynes can yo send one 2 please
travis OK, Dave & Luke, I sent one off to you guys as well.

Also, if anyone would like their email removed from the page let me know and I'll either remove it out of the comment or just remove the entire comment altogether.
Karthik if u got an invite left pls send to
travis ok Karthik, you should have one.
greg Hey ill take one too if you've got em!

clamcrusher *-at-* hotmail *-dot-* com

travis ok greg, you should have one now.
Bob i would like one please,
Bob if i get an invite i thank you very much and i will send you the invites that i have. hope you still have some left
travis Bob, you should have one now. You don't need to send me any invites, I have plenty ;-)
Paulo Ribeiro Please, I need one invite for me. Can you help me?
travis ok Paulo, you should have one now.
Alex plz could i have 1 invite, ta.
travis ok Alex, you should have one.
brawler839 Could you please send me a g-mail invite,
mark Could I get hooked up with a G-Mail invite? Thanks!
Desperate Please send me Gmail invite to I desperately need it. Thanks in advance!
Ric I would like a Gmail account please, send it to
Tung Nguyen

igalnet i need plz
Griff Got any left? It would be awesome if you could give me one..

Thanks - I need on plz thanks
dakipsy I really need one!!! Can you please help me? My email is
Poida If you have any left, could i please have one.
I want 1 Gmail account Please send me one Gmail invite to
Rob I could really use one :P


You're the man!
Christian Juner Ohh I'd love to have one because I'd like to test GMail's cool features.

Christian Juner
christian at juner dot de
macabre mime i have 100 invites for those who would like one
curtis I would love one

Thank you

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