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Peace has been restored in Iraq (for several minutes now)

An unidentified woman cries after identifying a pair of shoes lying at the site of a massive explosion outside a police station in Baghdad on Tuesday as those of her son.

"[...] Paramedics and residents picked up body parts scattered across the street and put them into boxes. Anguished men lifted charred bodies and lay them gently on stretchers. [...]"

Does anyone else get pissed off when they hear shit like this? I just found out yesterday that one of Sherry's good friend's husband was just killed over there not too long ago. I guess something went wrong when he was running a night convoy and his humvee hit a tank, rolled over 6 times, and he was killed. It makes me depressingly furious. I keep hoping there will be some kind of miracle and they will discover some WMD so that all these people won't have died in vain. Remember the good old days when we could make fun of our president for lying about an affair? or even "read my lips"? You can't really make too many jokes about going to war under false pretenses.


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