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China Boy Holly

Lowes has their plants on sale, 50% off. Apparently fall is the best time to plant shrubs as well so Sherry and I picked up a bunch. I was reading the tags from one of the bushes I planted and it says: "This plant is patented; vegetative propagation is prohibited." The plant is a China Boy Holly (Ilex x meserveae 'China Boy'), the reason I bought it was to pollinate the China Girl Holly we have. Apparently Conard-Pyle Company owns Plant Patent #4803 on this bad boy. Since when have you been able to patent a living thing? Well, since 1985 (for plants). Apparently the only reason that plants are allowed to be patented is because companies have invested tons of money in creating these hybrids and they don't want copycats to rip them off. It just seems kinda bizarro to me. I think I'm going to patent Sherry's dog so that I can sue everyone who owns a Brittany-spaniel-mutt - err I mean, keep those copycats from stealing my ideas. Here's another article, lots of them in google.


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