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Horrible Tragedy

Sherry was forced to buy an eMac for her job last night. I tried to convince her that PearPC would be enough, but I guess it was just too slow on her junkware-laden pc (don't get me started on that). Aside from the DVD drive (her PC only has a burner), the only differences hardware-wise are that the eMac's processor is ~250MHz slower and it has half the RAM. Oh yeah, and it was twice the cost of what I paid for her PC... 2 years ago. All because her source files used fonts that she doesn't have for her PC. *sigh* The PC can still be restarted twice in the time it takes for the eMac to boot up once.


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Shannon J Hager according to the PearPC reviews I've read: "Emulation is about 1/40 speed, meaning that your 3Ghz processor will behave like a 75Mhz processor."

How is that supposed to be good enough for anyone, much less for work?
travis Maybe it's improved since then, but when I tried it out with an Athlon XP 1533MHz it seemed to be performing in the 20% to 60% range. It was slow but it seemed to work. It may have been OK temporarily, I don't think she's going to be able to work from home forever.
NRG-753 Yes, the JITC compiled version is a helluvalot faster than the standard version.
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