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Smart Diesel 70mpg in the US

I can't wait, $13K brand new, and it gets 70mpg. Not to mention the other sweet features. Wired and Gizmodo have write-ups, and Smart's site is pretty decent, but their fluffy US site could use some work. Of course in order to import their cars into the US, they had to make an SUV version (according to unwritten law).


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Skip Can I buy a Smart Diesel in Europe, drive it and then ship it to the US as a used car?
Skip Can I ship a used Smart Diesel to the US?
travis Skip, yes. However the cost of getting it through customs, the DMV, shipping, insurance, and any maintenance will most likely make it not a very cost-effective option. I think that your best bet is to wait for the US version. You can probably call up your local DaimlerChrysler dealer and get your name on a list for one. Or you could call a DaimlerChrysler dealer in California since they will most likely get them first. Maybe even Canada will get them first. Keep googling and post back if you find out anything good ;-)
Dave shit that better than my crotch rocket

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