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Obama in '08

I just got an MSN alert that Kerry was planning on conceding to Bush. Oh how I wish Kerry would've lost the popular vote and won the electoral. It would've meant 3 great things for us (depending on your view of course):

  1. The Electoral College would get its much needed reform by the Republican controlled congress (this one I think we can all agree on)
  2. Bush would not be in office much longer
  3. Bush would get to see what it would be like to win the nations votes, but be shut-down by the system

I say Barack Obama for president in 2008!


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Travis Pettijohn Electoral reform will never happen because it gives less-populated states an advantage (number of senators (2) + number of reps (based on population) = number of electoral votes). Since electoral reform would require an amendment to the constitution, and thus 3/4 of the states to vote for it, it is unlikely to happen.

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