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Code compiles faster on x64

x64 iz teh r0x0r. I've been following the x64 goodness on Craig McMurtry's blog lately. Here's a quote from one of his recent posts:

At Microsoft, I’m told that we’ve switched to using x64 machines to compile our Windows operating systems, and the effects have been stunning. Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1 took 9 hours to compile on x86 machines, but just 3 hours on x64s. Longhorn took 18 hours to build on x86 machines, but just 6 hours on x64s!

So code will compile in about 1/3 the time on an x64 processor. I really wish Dell would start selling AMD stuff, those lousy luddites.


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Michael Did you try and compile on an intel x64 box- the results are drastically different... Also, did the build lab at MSFT try building in x86 mode with the same AMD server that was used to cut time in x64?
travis Michael, you should post those questions on Craig's Blog since he's the original author.

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