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My mom uses Firefox

My mom recently got one of those new cheap Dells, and she had me set up the software for her. I installed Firefox, put the icon on the desktop and removed IE from the desktop. After installing the Macromedia, Adobe, and K-lite Mega codec plugins, I installed a few basic extensions that I thought she'd like: WeatherFoxForecastFox, Launchy, GMail Notifier, Image Zoom, and Webmail Compose (she has Hotmail, Yahoo, and Gmail accounts). I think the only search engines I added were IMDB and Wikipedia. I put the BugMeNot bookmarklet on her bookmarks toolbar folder, as well as links to hotmail, yahoo groups and google news. Her new computer also had XP with SP2 preinstalled so it was going to be a radical change from the Windows 98 blue-screens that she got several times a day.

I wanted to give my mom a quick 5 minute demo showing her all the new features she had, and of course she wanted to write everything down so it took about an hour. She practically cried with joy when I finished. The two features that made her the happiest were WeatherFoxForecastFox, the popup blocking and the block images features. She was also impressed with the tabbed browsing (she never knew about clicking with the mousewheel), bookmarking tabs into a folder, the recent headlines live bookmark, type-ahead find (she never knew a Find feature existed), and the Gmail notifier.

She's even a Firefox evangelist now. We had family over for pre-Thanksgiving and she told them: "You've got to try that Foxfire program Travis gave me, it's so awesome." That's a pretty common thing for my mom to do. I spent the rest of the evening correcting people on the name and telling them to google for it. I forsee Firefox apparel in my stocking this year ;-)


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