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I just wasted an hour changing around the layout of this site a bit, any thoughts? (i know, i know, the XHTML isn't 100% valid)

Here're the next things I plan to fix:

  • do the columns the right way using negative margins
  • put a little thingy on the side for people to choose a stylesheet (since Firefox took that feature out)
  • make sure the google ads match nicely so they aren't too obtrusive
  • make another stylesheet or two

Archived Comments

Ralph Your end region tag is in the middle of the right column.

You can still change the style of the page by going to View > Page Style.
travis Yeah that #endregion thing will be fixed after i do the negative margins.

I never knew about the View > Page Style thing, thanks!
travis crap, I think I F'd up the favicon script too.

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