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To: Gmail Spam filter, Merry Christmas! From: Worm.Zafi.D

Thanks to whoever the a-hole is that got the Merry Christmas worm that spoofed my gmail address as the sender. I really enjoyed 12:35pm to 2:43pm when I received 560 bounce messages. Look at the screenshot below, and check out the times at the right and the number of threaded messages in parentheses:

thumb of my gmail spam folder

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Travis Why do you have a Trash label?
travis I was experimenting to see how many of Gmail's "folders" were actually just special labels.
Travis Heh. If you try and create a label like "Trash" or "Spam" or "Inbox" now you get an error: "System specific label names are not allowed. Please try another name."
thomas sarasam oops!!!!
now that you have cleaned it up

Merry christmas!!!
and hey I love gmail too!!!

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