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Get paid to surf ...again ...really

Remember alladvantage? See Ralph's post on the hook-up. Sign up with so I get the referral bling action. (watch out for the focus grabbing on forms though, especially password fields, etc. nevermind, just make sure you set the options that Ralph mentions in his post)

Also, if you have gmail, you might want to sign up with so that you can easily filter any incoming mail from them (in case they decide to start spamming).


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Ralph If you set up your javascript checkbox as described you won't get that focus grabbing shit.
travis Grab the firesomething extension for Firefox:
and let it manipulate your user agent. That way you will still be allowed to earn money from SurfJunky.
travis I used the Firesomething extension on
Kev surfjunky is a scam, they dont pay out and block your ip so you cant get back onto their site.

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