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Back in September of 2004, at my old dump of an apartment, my landlord plugged his air compressor into a power strip that had been daisy chained off of a UPS I had for my server, router, cable modem, and switch. It basically rendered the UPS useless. I've been without a UPS since then and I've just been waiting for a decent deal to come my way. Two days ago I saw this UPS on one of the deal RSS feeds and ordered it. Of course, last night we had the first power outage since our electric was turned on in our house. There goes my killer uptime. The luck of the Irish I guess.


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Ralph So why didn't the landlord buy you a new one?
travis Unfortunately I didn't realize that it was broken until well after I moved out, and he wasn't easy to get ahold of when I lived there so it just wasn't worth the effort to try and squeeze the $50 or so out of him.
travis And today I finally receive the UPS. Not too bad considering the product said it would ship in 1-2 business days the entire time. The rebate expired yesterday, but I requested an alternate rebate form and they sent me one, so they at least honored that part of the deal. (Assuming that I actually get the rebate)

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