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Geotagging on Flickr, viewing on Google Earth

Not too long ago Ern pointed out to me that I had an image that should be geotagged. GeoBloggers' integration with Google Maps was pretty sweet (especially since it was pre-API). I even modified a bookmarklet to make grabbing the GPS coords easier. I thought it was kind of a neat concept and tagged a few more of my photos with their GPS coordinates.

Then Google Earth came out. I had loved Keyhole, and almost bought it several times so I was eager to see what new and cool features Google would add to their free version. It still has a somewhat quirky java-esque interface, but it is an amazing app. Of course being as leet as they are, those crazy geobloggers had a custom XML file all ready to go to import into Google Earth. A simple right-click under My Places, add network link, paste in your geobloggers XML url, and whammy blammy wowie zowie all your geotagged Flickr images are now in Google Earth. Needless to say I've been uploading and geotagging photos of what I thought to be a landmark (or geotaggable in some way) like mad for the past few days.

(apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks this is cool either)


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