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Beer, Beer, and More Beer (barley ethanol, NicoShot, and TurboTap)

No, I'm not talking about the store (although they have been great to order from for all my extract homebrewing goodness), I'm talking about three recent articles that caught my eye that I haven't really had time to blog about until my lunch hour today.

The first is about beer powered cars. Well, it's close, it's about making ethanol from barley. (from AutoBlog)

The next is about beer with nicotene added. Since smoking is now about as uncool as it gets, and it's illegal in NY bars, people need their nicotene via other methods. I have vague recollections of 7th grade health when they told us nicotene + alcohol was bad for some reason, but I don't remember why or care very much. (from Gizmodo)

The last is about this sweet beer nozzle that can pour a Guiness in record time. If I had a bar, or a keg system of some sort, I'd definitely look into it. (from Gizmodo)


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Travis Pettijohn

Just read that they're starting to market the Turbo Tap to home customers (not just stadiums).
travis That's awesome. Now I just need to start saving for a kegerator... and the $180 tap.

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