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I was reading this transcript on about the origin of the e-smiley: :-) (from Digg). The last two messages seriously made me laugh out loud...

03-Oct-82 21:47    Wilson Harvey at CMU-IUS     For anyone interested ...
I have a picture of ET holding a chainsaw in .press file format.  The file
exists in /usr/wah/public/ on the IUS.
03-Oct-82 23:43    Guy Jacobson at CMU-780G     Holding a chainsaw??    :-)
Does anyone have a picture of R2D2 holding a seed auger in TeX format?
Or how about a rendering of Yoda with a lathe for use with nroff?
Any pointers to digitized images of short, cute aliens holding power
tools would be greatly appreciated.

Well I thought it was funny.


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