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The future of annoying ads

Here's a little overview of the new <canvas /> element in Firefox 1.5. You can do some cool things with it, but I'm guessing that it'll mainly result in lots of more annoying — and harder to block — ads.

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Adam Lindsay This is pretty cool. I remember when Safari got it. I briefly looked at it, but without others supporting it, it didn't really matter. Now with Firefox supporting it, thats great. Offers a terrific alternative to Flash. How long till it gets mixed with AJAX.

I suspect IE might get it in version 11. Oh wait, sorry it will compete with XAML so therefore it will never be supported.
travis Actually, now that I think of it, ads using <canvas /> would be pretty easy to block. It'd just take an extension similar to FlashBlock, and maybe just an edit of userContent.css. I can't imagine anyone making ads specifically towards a minority of browsers though, so unless Firefox is able to increase its market share by about 30% more, or in the unlikely event that IE supports it, we probably won't have to worry.

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