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Google's Pack Comes with Evil

Even though I risk what little page rank my poor server has, I thought I'd spread the word anyway. I usually love Google and their products, however the new Google Pack might be a step in the wrong direction. Here's a list of the evil that is included, ordered by disputable evil-ness:

Google Desktop
this is a marginally evil one. Depending on your hardware, it could slow down your computer significantly (for example, a slower computer with a small C drive and a large D drive filled with lots of indexable stuff, the metadata generated by the index will fill up the rest of the C drive). It has also had some security issues in the past, but who hasn't?
Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
I love my Firefox, but I can no longer seem to turn off my Google Toolbar :-(
Norton AntiVirus 2005 Special Edition
This one is just a 6-month trial. There are at least 2 non-evil apps: AntiVir Personal Edition and AVG Free Edition
Adobe Reader 7
I hate PDFs. (I'm not the only one) A less-evil approach would be to include some non-Adobe/open source/freeware PDF reader (like Foxit and/or PDFCreator), but the only non-evil approach would be to not include anything and leave PDFs the F alone.
Real Player
C'mon, Real Player? What a POS! The only non-evil option for this one IMHO is the K-Lite Mega Codec Pack

Ah well, there are many other apps included that make it worth a download (Google Earth, Trillian, et al). Also, if anyone wants to try out MSN's new beta Messenger let me know, I have one invite remaining.

Update: it looks like I'm not the only one here either.


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nasser please read this open letter to larry page and sergey brin from iranian user
Travis Pettijohn Good observations. What amazes me about this is that there's no innovation. How is bundling a bunch of existing applications noteworthy?

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