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New Turbo Subaru Hybrid (the B5-TPH) at the Detroit Auto Show has an extensive write-up including pictures and a press release from the 2006 Detroit Auto Show. The gas half of the engine produces 256 hp and 253 ft-lbs of torque, and while the turbo is spooling up the electric motor kicks in an additional instant 111 ft-lbs. Plus they're using some crazy "Miller cycle" which will allegedly increase the gas engine's efficiency by 30%. It sounds like it's going to shorten engine life, but I'm no engineer. Somehow it manages to get 40mpg. So you get an ugly AWD wagon that has over 250hp, 250+110 ft-lbs(!), AND gets 40mpg(!!!). Now let's see if they can do it for less than $30K USD. I love the BS graph below with no numbers.

BS graph


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