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Attention Graphic Designers

Please stop using IE for the Mac for your screenshots! I saw 3 different commercials today on TV that used it. Every time that you show your site in a Mac IE screenshot it tells me that you know absolutely nothing about web development. There are so many other browsers that you could use:

  1. Internet Explorer 6.0+
  2. Mozilla 1.0+
  3. Firefox 1.0+
  4. Netscape 7.0+
  5. Opera
  6. Safari
  7. Konqueror
  8. Epiphany
  9. Galeon
  10. Camino
  11. etc.

I could go on for ages with acceptible browsers so here's the list of browsers NOT to use:

  1. Netscape 6 or lesser
  2. Internet Explorer 5.5 or lesser for the PC
  3. Any version of Internet Explorer for the Mac
  4. Opera 7 or lesser

Actually, this list could get long too. So here's a formula: take screenshots using only the newest, non-beta, version from the vendor's site. If you get a message that says that browser isn't supported, or there is any other kind of error regarding the vendor's site, then it's time to switch browsers.


Archived Comments

Travis Owens Your title demands people don't use IE for the Mac, but on your list of browsers to use your 1 spot said "Internet Explorer".

Have you had too much beer served today?
Travis Owens PS: I forgot to mention but 95% of the time you see a computer screen in a commercial it's artifically pasted into the video. This is 100% true when you get a close up.

The reason is, unless you run your screen at 60hz, the flikering looks crazy on a camera.

Plus most companies draw their own browser so it's neutral looking.
travis Yeah, I specified IE6 as #1 because it currently is the most used browser. It isn't the easiest to develop for, but it is at least still supported by MS. IE (v5.2 I think?) for the Mac is a pain to develop for (although Safari can be more frustrating at times), but ALL support for it has been dropped by MS.

Basically the point I was trying to make though is that when graphic designers use Mac IE for their screenshots, it makes them look really ignorant. It would be like showing someone driving a car without wearing a seatbelt.

PS: there is never too much beer being served ;-)

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