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"Sideways"-loving wine enthusiasts should generally be punched in the mouth

I'm kidding of course, but there's nothing worse than a wine-snob wanna-be putting down the most delicious beverage in existence. I don't know why so many people love to hate on beer. Do they think it makes them sound more intelligent? I realize that it isn't just wine snobs picking on beer, but I'm really tired of going out to eat and seeing ridiculous wine lists, wine recommendations, wine-food pairings, wine specials, only to find out the place's beer selection is worse than a gas station.


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Adam Lindsay Mmmmm beer, btw, Delerium Tremors @ Olde Toad is good stuff.

I think snobery should be restrict to OS debates and Programming languages. :)
travis hehe. I have to go the the Toad more often. It seems like every time I go, I find a new favorite. That's pretty funny that they have a beer named after such a gruesome symptom of alcoholism. I'll have to try it out. ;-)
Travis Pettijohn I've said it before...can't we all just get along? Beer: delicious. Wine: delicious. What's the problem?

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