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New vs Old Digital Cameras

We got a new camera a few months ago to replace my wife's stolen Casio Exilim EX-Z750. The Casio was nice, but it wasn't as reliable as our good old A40. It's amazing how much better the new SD630 is compared to the old A40. The only feature that the new one doesn't have that the old one does (that I'll actually miss) is that you can't manually set the shutter speed. It isn't often I actually use this feature, but for shots of the xmas tree, or any other night shot, nothing compares to a long exposure shot. Or maybe I just need to read the manual again and figure out how to take night shots.


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PS: i am creating a website called weather on the web, where everyday people take pictures and write blog posts about weather in their area and around the country.

this is not spam or anything. i am a total weather fanatic!

if interested, please email me
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