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PC Problems, Mac Problems, No Problems

First the PC problems I was having last night. The memtest passed with flying colors so I went into the BIOS to make sure that the hard drive was still showing up after a forced auto-detection. It was showing up fine. My wife mentioned that she had the printer CD in and asked if that had anything to do with it. I didn't think it did, but then I noticed that "Boot Other Devices" was checked. We happened to have her external DVD burner plugged into the Firewire port and the PC was attempting to boot from that device.

The printer install went smoothly this time. Just very, very slowly. I'm guessing this was because default software installation was over 800MB of drivers and software. I can't even imagine why it needs that much junk. A complete OS takes up less f'n space than that.

As for the Mac problem, this was a PEBKAC issue as well. My wife was showing me how she was having difficulty connecting to her other eMac when she was using the wireless. I noticed that our network wasn't checked in the wireless drop-down, and that someone else's, named "linksys" was. Apparently some of our neighbors have an unsecured Linksys router near us. When it appeared last night after she hit rescan, my wife thought it was an option to select the vendor of our wireless router (even though we have a DLink). Anyways, this time the Mac had a drop-down that let us select which version of WEP that our router was using and it worked fine. Then the afp:// link to her eMac worked fine after the second try. Interestingly the windows shares showed up in the network workgroup instantly, but it took a minute or two for the eMac's shares.

Aside from those minor wireless issues, my wifes only complaint is that Adobe's CS2 suite apps run much slower than on her eMac. After a little over 2 hours of working on stuff during the commercials of LOST her battery was only down to 33%, that doesn't seem too bad to me. The laptop was a little hot, but I think that's pretty consistent with all modern laptops.

The MacBook came with a little remote that opens a little media center-esque app with Photos, Music, Movies, and DVD. It reminded me of the remote that came with my old Audigy 2 sound card. I remember thinking the remote was kinda cool at the time but I could get around faster by just using the mouse. Plus I'd much rather play my music in Winamp than the Creative one. I swear that I must have the look of death when it comes to Macs though since they always seem to fail around me. During my wife's demo, she clicked on Music, then hit Shuffle. Instead of hearing some random music from her collection, it started playing only the audio portion of a video podcast. Not that I was surprised ;-)


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Adam Lindsay afp & smb shares are both announced with bonjour. It certainly is possible that they showed up at different times, simply because of the lease time of mDNS.

If you go through the battery conditioning procedure, you will get even better time. I see about 4hrs now-a-days. Using photoshop will suck battery, especially considering CS2 is PPC based and is running under rosetta. CS3 Beta is out for Photoshop and it screams. Macs love RAM too!

Front Row pulls from iTunes. If the podcasts metadata is set correctly, then it will not play when shuffled. Either way, it is 1.0, and most podcasts haven't figured everything out yet.

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