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toothpaste for dinner

The comic kinda struck a nerve because aside from the fact that I clean my glasses every morning and if they are ever smudged, I've always liked things that were symmetrical. I think that's part of the reason that I like Allman-style block formatting my code more than standard K&R style. It just looks balanced for some reason.

One thing that my family always teases me about is the set of rules that I have when I go out to eat at some place new or some place that I don't go to often. In a party of 6 or less I don't like to order the same thing as anyone else. In larger parties as long as I don't order the same thing as the people next to me or across from me, it's OK. I usually pick out what I'd like to order and 2 back-ups. If I order first and someone else orders the same thing, I won't change my order, I'll just be disappointed.


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mom Love the cartoon, Trav. Bri and I can testify we your set of rules intrigue (amuse) us. Is it ever evolving?

I like the tan background.

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