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Conversations around the Campfire: an Apple/Palin comparison

This conversation originated at work when Ralph and I started flaming our resident MacTard developer, Ernie.

Travis H.
*grabs some gasoline*
Travis H.
Mac's are the Sarah Palin of the computing world
Ernie B.
in what respect, charlie?
Ralph W.
not true...Mac's do not have Tina Fey glasses
Travis H.
"we're enterprise ready, we sold an ipod in Russia"
Travis H.
also, i heard that the iphone 3g is retarded
Travis H.
and that the nano is pregnant
Ralph W.
3g has down syndrome ... get it right
Travis H.
you can put EFI in a PC, but it's still a pig
Ralph W.
What's the difference between Ernie on a PC and Ernie on a Mac?
Ralph W.

I have to pick on Ern while I can, I think pretty soon I might be the only developer in the company on a non-Mac PC.

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Adam Lindsay Define "enterprise".

I am dealing with tying into an "enterprise" warehouse system right now. Developing on a mac, deploying to Linux servers. Haven't had an issue yet. Actually I could quite easily argue its been easier.
Travis gravatar Travis For me, "enterprise" means something that our largest client (in the Fortune 10) would use.

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